NAME: Zander
GENDER: male (he/him)
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5'11"
ALIGNMENT: lawful neutral

Born to mercenary parents hired by the royal family as bodyguards, Zander's entire life has been leading up to him continuing his family's legacy as trusted protectors of the monarchy. He can be a bit blunt and unemotional at times, preferring to keep a rational outlook on life. He likes to keeps his emotions at arm's length, under the belief that they will merely hinder him and get in the way of his duties.

Seen as a bit of a prodigy regarding combat and strategy, he prides himself on his skill and intellect. However, his abilities remain largely untested in any actual candid fights where there are no rules to uphold and honor. Zander's actually very awkward when communicating with people his age because he grew up surrounded by the adults who trained him. He can be a bit formal and stiff as a result, which becomes extremely apparent as soon as he runs into someone outside his immediate circle of peers.