GENDER: female (she/her)
RACE: Halfling
AGE: 49
HEIGHT: 3'9"
SEXUALITY: lesbian
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
RACE: Halfling
CLASS: Druid (Circle of Wildfire)

Born into a small community of druids who worshiped an ancient relic, traditionally a keeper was chosen to assume responsibility for the artifact's safety. The previous keeper was a good friend and mentor to a young Suliya, motivating her to go to great lengths to prove her responsibility and usefulness. However, an accident under Suliya's watch ended with the artifact broken. Hoping to redeem herself, as well as her mentor, she set off to research how to repair the relic.

Suliya is studious and driven to learn. She can be a bit-big thinking and overly ambitious, but her drive to succeed is what gets her through things at the end of the day. Persistent and unwilling to give up on things once she's invested in them, she can be somewhat stubborn and set in her way.

Creative and passionate, ultimately she has a warm heart and bright spirit. Though she has a bit of a temper and can be fiery when provoked. Not one to forget a slight, it's probably best to stay on her good side.