GENDER: female (she/her)
AGE: ~450 (appears around 25)
HEIGHT: 5'4"
SEXUALITY: lesbian
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral

A recurring theme in Min-sun's life is heartbreak, grief and endings. Yet, Aris won't leave her alone.

A writer trying to complete her magnum opus, Min-sun is a vampire who remains extremely tight-lipped about her past. But one thing remains clear: a part of her seems to long for a time that has long since passed.

Born to a family of renowned physicians, her destiny seemed laid out from her from the start; something she always regarded as a blessing. She was content with the life that was presented to her. Nothing else mattered. (Or so she thought.)

On the surface, Min-sun was the perfect daughter. The perfect student, the perfect successor. She was an excellent physician, though she had trouble connecting with her patients. Her cool, formal nature did not lend itself to creating meaningful, lasting relationships, something she’d struggled with for her entire life.

Min's life was going to be perfect. But there was always that voice at the back of her head that always wanted more. Aris offered her a chance to forsake her destiny and choose her own fate. The allure of the unknown and the temptation of being able to forge her own path was enough to sway her.

Thus, she was converted into a vampire.

At first, she reveled in her newfound freedom. Almost manic from the possibilities extending in front of her, she pursued a whirlwind romance with Aris which prompted her to leave her family and hometown behind.

However, an intense falling out with them left her feeling disillusioned and scornful. Bitter and angry that she'd been coerced into becoming a vampire, the two parted ways.

For a brief time, Min contemplated enacting revenge on Aris. Though she came close, she was never quite successful. She found herself unable to follow through at the last minute, even when presented with a clear opportunity (and Aris's consent) to do so.

Instead, she resigned herself to an isolated existence away from the risk of harming others or being harmed herself. However, Aris refuses to stop plaguing her with their very existence, periodically popping back into her life at the most unexpected moments.