GENDER: female (she/her)
RACE: Protector Aasimar
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5'2"
SEXUALITY: lesbian
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
RACE: Aasimar
CLASS: Cleric (Death Domain)

Born into an esteemed lineage of monster hunters, her family's reputation was constantly drilled into her head as she grew up. And so were the burdens and expectations that came with it. Lux was trained from a young age to seek and eradicate all darkness in the world, with the alternative being disowned and abandoned if she lacked the usefulness that had propelled her bloodline to its current reputation. She took her responsibilities seriously, and with immense pride. After all, her parents would say, her blood alone put her life at a much higher value than the common folk.

Well-equipped and prepared to be the heir to her family's title, everything changed when a former target of her ancestors broke free from its seal and sought her out, cursing her to turn into a demon.

Lux is, above all, methodical and precise. Trained her entire life to hunt and eliminate sources of evil and corruption, she took her studies to heart and is a devout believer in justice and good. She can have a bit of a wrathful side as a result, believing that if the universe refuses to enact karma on those that deserve it, then she should be the force to do so.

She can come off as a bit harsh and cold to others. She is devoutly competitive and will not rest until she is the absolute best at what she does.

Upon being cursed, she felt immense shame and feared what her family might think of her. So, she ran away from home, finding residency in a temple dedicated to The Raven Queen. There, she was taken in, becoming a Cleric herself.