GENDER: male (he/him)
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5'10"
SEXUALITY: bisexual
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral

Flirty and charismatic, Jamie can come off as shallow and self-absorbed to those who don’t know him. But he's always watching, observing and strategizing the best way to promote himself and appear on top. An influencer at heart, he can be somewhat vain and self-centered.

He's very appearance-oriented and gets bored easily, fixating on that ideal image of perfection and success that lies just out of reach. Nothing holds his interest for very long. He can be fickle, as his interests are constantly shifting and changing depending on whatever is considered newest and shiniest at the moment.

While he catches onto new skills with relative ease, he ultimately lacks the drive needed to master anything. While he puts on a relaxed and effortless mask of carelessness, he's actually very insecure about his lack of direction in life. He hates showing weakness more than anything.

While he tends to make connections wherever he goes, he can't find it in him to pursue anyone since he gets bored so quickly. As a result, many of his relationships are more superficial than anything. He has a competitive side that he shows off once you get to know him.