GENDER: nonbinary (he/they)
RACE: Scourge Aasimar
AGE: 56
HEIGHT: 6'2"
SEXUALITY: asexual
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
RACE: Scourge Aasimar
CLASS: Monk (Way of the Kensei)

Once a member of a ragtag group of misfit pirates that sailed the ocean in the pursuit of riches, Eror awoke on the shore of a mysterious land without his right eye and with a gray streak in his hair after what he assumed to be a massive storm (or perhaps even a sea monster) wrecked his ship. With nothing left to his name besides the clothes on his back and a head full of muddled memories, he traveled around in search of any news on what happened to his friends. However, things took a turn for the unexpected when he realized that not a single soul remembers them.

Rather oblivious and not quite there most of the time, Eror prefers to take things a day at a time. Not one for forethought or any form of pre-planning, really, they excel at improvisation and making things up as they go. (This hasn't failed them yet, to their knowledge.)