GENDER: male (he/him)
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5'8"
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral

Due to his upbringing as the social outcast, Cyrus would consider himself to be a loner at his very core. Valuing quiet, solitary time, he typically detests the intervention of the noisy outside world, finding that it distracts and limits him. Presenting himself as a cold, logical and level-headed type of person, his true desire is to pursue logic and justice, going so far as to become the force of retribution to those who deserve it. A calculating and clever foe, he has a tendency to push people away if they get too close.

However, his steely rationality, impersonal and confidential personality and abrasive words are merely a front. At his core, Cyrus is extremely competitive and not nearly as aloof and cruel as he'd like to make you think. He's extremely loyal and steadfast to the few he considers dear to him, and completely selfless when it comes to their safety. Weak to his impulses, Cyrus can be also a bit reckless and hard headed at times.