GENDER: male (he/him)
AGE: 25
SEXUALITY: bisexual
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

Axel is a painter who currently resides in the Galar region after a fight with his twin sister, Lydia, and the subsequent fallout. What Axel lacks in braincells, he makes up for in spirit. He always tries his best regardless of the situation at hand, and while not particularly intellectual, he's extremely creative and great at thinking outside the box.

Very trusting and compassionate, Axel cares, and cares deeply. As a result, it's not very hard to make him emotional. He tends to make friends wherever he goes, as he's pretty chatty and sociable. (He's still an introvert at heart, though) He tends to see the best in people no matter what. If you were to ask him, he'd definitely be a half-glass-full type of person.

The primary motivating factor behind all his actions would probably be love for his friends. He loves to make other people laugh, even if it means he's the butt of the joke.