GENDER: agender (he/they)
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5'2"
SEXUALITY: bisexual
ALIGNMENT: neutral good

A seer whose prophecies and visions are known for their cryptic, yet eerily accurate nature. Ari is seen as crucial asset due to his abilities, and is shielded from the public for the most part as a result. He grew up in a community among acolytes and other religious figures who continued to worship the gods despite the antagonistic views towards the pantheon held by the monarchy in power.

His parents' identities remained a lingering mystery throughout his life, as Ari was found abandoned on a temple's doorsteps as a newborn. Growing up, Ari was somewhat isolated from his peers, as there weren't any children his age in his community. Leaving the grounds was forbidden - his caretakers were well aware that the government had him in their crosshairs due to the nature of his visions, and the danger they brought to their secure grip on the country.

As an individual, Ari has a soothing and placid air about him. Not one to jump to conclusions, he has a good head on his shoulders and is excellent at listening to other people. However, his flaws lie in his indecisiveness and unwillingness to make ripples when it matters, out of fear of the consequences of his actions. Ari has seen an infinite amount of timelines where things go bad, and the fear that comes with that plagues his mind, hindering his ability to come to a concise conclusion about most situations.